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Don't be sad if you have acne

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For people who are suffering from acne and has lost all hope, self esteem and are extremely depressed - please don't be sad.

I was there. I didn't think it would ever heal, but it did.

I hope you take my advice by not letting tap water get on your face and don't drink it. Use filtered water. It can go away or at least become very mild to the point it doesn't bother you. It really can, don't give up. Use medication and find the cause (tap water).

Even if you do still have acne, it doesn't mean you are worthless or ugly - sometimes you stare at yourself too much in the mirror, other people don't really care. It's your personality and your charisma that really count. Keep trying and don't give up, please. I believe everything has its time and place, and you'll, too, be a happy acne-free person real soon.

You've been brainwashed by the media that people are supposed to have perfect clear skin by movie stars who also have acne but conceal with photoshop and make up. It's not all that bad, everyone has acne. It happened to you and it sucks, but noone is perfect - people with clear skin have other problems, too. Look at all the things you have and other people don't. Make a list of all the things that you are better than other people. There were times when I was so depressed because of acne, but now I realize anything can happen when the time is right. I hope you keep fighting!

Best wishes,


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That was really lovely of you to write that message.

Thanks for making me feel better. =)

And is the whole filtered water thing really true? How can tap water break you out? Lol.

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aw, I really appreciated that message, and I'm sure a bunch of others did too. :) It really is hard to have at least a little confidence sometimes but like you said, some people don't even realize it. I was complaining to my friend about how terrible my acne was and she said she barely noticed it and it wasn't as bad as I made it out to be. We're our worst critics so we just have to try to stay positive and hopeful.

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