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Frozen BP, Frozen AHA, Frozen Jojoba Oil

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Lol. So UPS decided to leave the shipment in my mailbox this time around instead of leaving it on my doorstep. Well you know how lately it's been cold up north? Jojoba oil FROZEN and BP FROZEN.

I know that it probably doesn't make much of a difference but with the severe condition of my face I really don't want to risk anything. If the DKR doesn't work for me I want to BE SURE that it was the DKR not because I used Frozen DKR.

Im sad dont know what to do with these bottles. I could kill someone with them they are so hard.

crap, i just read in Other Information that the BP should not be in temperatures under 40 Degrees F.

hmm but for the jojoba oil and AHA there is nothing about what temp. limits they can be stored in.

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wtf timothy do you have a girlfriend(s)?

(looking at your pics) you must be a playa!

Erm... haha...i had one in late high school, but she moved to Washington.

So no.

I have a question, why don't you upload an avatar. To this point im still not sure if your a girl or a boy. (haha sorry)

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im a girl!

and how can i upload a pic when im not as pretty as you?!

mayb when i am prettier than you tim =P

Mhm, i didn't know a guy can be pretty, but whatever you say haha.

:wub: <-- Im starting to feel pretty.


Well, how's your progress on the regimen coming along?

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It's okay.

Transient freezing during shipment is going to happen this time of year, and our manufacturer has assured us that it won't harm the products any. Just let them thaw at room temperature and you can then use them.

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