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is it worth going to a dermatologist?

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hey guys,

i'm going to assume many of you have already gone to dermatologists before to consult them about your acne...

i was wondering, based on your previous experiences, how helpful has the dermatologist been in prescribing effective medication and more importantly, in providing effective medical information and advice about acne care? my past experiences have not really been that helpful and i was wondering if i should approach my next appointment differently.

my dermatologist seriously takes 5 minutes, maybe not even, and doesn't even seem like he's really examining the state of my acne. He just seems to come in, ask what's up, i say acne, he lifts my bangs, looks at my forehead, looks at my cheeks, and then just gives me a prescription as if that's suppose to be an effective way to get rid of the acne. is this how all dermatologist appointments are supposed to go? or should i try going to another doctor?


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going to a derm was my biggest mistake i think, it sounds just like the way you describe it. I think a derm would be alot better for me now than before since i am alot more educated about acne. I would get some random topical and have no idea how to apply it/use it, and what products are suggested, or to avoid while on it, i didnt even know what moistorizor was while on RETIN-A. The only way i would ever return to a derm is if i needed accutane, otherwise i would not use anything but over the counter treatements/ diet. but hey, maybe not all derms are like that

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You really should go see a dermatologist. I have seen at least 20 different dermatologists, and from my experience - you must really choose! Some of them are just careless, but some of them really try hard to make you handsome. If possible ask derm frequent goers to see which derm is good. Good lucky.

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i went to see a NHS GP around 8 weeks ago to get treatment for acne, he gave me Duac once daily but wouldnt give me oxytetracyclene. Id had oxytetracyclene before and it worked, but perhaps due to possible side effects he was reluctant this time. I enquired about seeing a dermatologist on the NHS so i wouldnt have to pay and they told me i would have to wait 3 months.... I didnt want to wait 3 months for the NHS dermatologist to just say use Oxytetracyclene.... meaning id lost out on 3 months treatment.

So i went to see a private Dermatologist, who basically looked at my skin, said my acne was 'very active' (no sh**) he asked what id used before and what i was using now.

What happens in all situations like this is you think of things to ask but then when you get in you forget.

£120 ($180) it cost for 10 mins... you pay by the session not by the hour

My advice to you is if you are going to see a dermatologist and its costing you.... get your moneys worth, ask every question under the sun.

In my case he just gave me oxytetracyclene :@

However he has transferred me to NHS so now its FREE :)

My next appointment is January 7th, with no cost !

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