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they have a great cleanser and its smooth.

im glad you enjoy proactiv me personally i hated it, for one all my towels and face cloths were bleached as well as a blob that fell on to my jeans which also caused a big bleach mark from the stuff, secondly it tarnished the silver of my nose ring. Makes you think whats in the stuff and what it does to your skin!!

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Proactive worked for a while with me, and then bombed. It's what brought me here eventually, actually. But I have had a few friends who have had long term sucess with that - to them, congratulations on finding the end of the road when it comes to the search for a treatment!

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It ate my skin to peices. I had some minor acne on my chin area and the rest of my face. (tzone bad). Thank God I just used it ony my chin. I broke me out in these horrible cysts. I had had a few in the past but they began to come one after another, two at a time with Pro active. I stopped using the stuff and my chin continued to break out in CYSTS and did sonsistently for months until my derm put me on tane for them. I didn't have them before. Im 27 so the puberty thing is out of the question

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Well it's been working quite well for me..using it for the past 6 months. I used to have really bad acne and I just use the cleanser and the repair lotion..and some of the moisturizers. I don't use the toner..doesn't really do much and irritates more than anything. I did accutane for a while too and have tried everything under the sun and my wife finally convinved me to try this and I thought it would never work..so far it is...I also use other cleansers here and there...masks etc.

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