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I have found it really doesnt help in the long run, but it makes for a nice face wash. I have extremely oily skin and the SA cleanser is basically good enough to get rid of the oils and put my skin in a good direction.

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Id agree with SeeJ on that for the most part, good as cleanser in the long term, in the immediate panic term not so much.

(though I have been known to pop a whitehead and throw some sacyilic acid product straight onto the open wound, stings like hell, probably the worst thing I can do but it has been known to clear up a nasty spot quite quick!I dont recommend this course of action though, could end badly!!!!!!!!)

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I use SA wipes daily as part of my regemine. I use them after getting out of the shower&shaving. I like the Walmart Equate brand b/c they do not dry out my skin like strydex or the other ones that feel like they leave a dry weid film like crap on after using them. They have alcohol in them(more like alot, you can light them and they burn REALLY well) but them seem to be the least drying, go figure.

I alos use them after school around 3:30 to remove the oil on my face, then after dinner around my mouth to get oil or other crap off from eating. I found this got ride of the zits that happen right and the meeting of the skin and lip. I then use them before bed. I use 2-3 to do my face and neck. Just enough to wipe across all the skin ONCE. Anymore WILL dry out your skin.

I have found this SA being used daily does VERY well to keep my skin clear when used with the Amoxicillin to keep the inflamed crap away. SA helps to slush off the dead skin, I think it is a exfoliant on its own. I also use apracot scrub stuff to remove the dead skin every day. I just rub it lightly, NOT like sanding wood.

^^This regimine has worked very well to move me from upper moderate to mild to very mild (most of the time). You just have to keep it up and never slack off. IT will pay off, it has make my skin VERY smooth. You just have to keep it up.

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