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Hey Guys

im jus looking for a bit of help really to see if anyone has any advice on here before my docs appointment on friday, I found out I'm pregnant with my 2nd child (yay! after trying for a year!) and i am using dans cleanser bp and AHA.

Does anyone has any experience with the products and pregnancy? is it ok to use while pregnant? i'm hoping its ok as ive stopped using the products incase not, which has now made me break out (arrrghhh) and i have to wait 5 days before seeing my doctor for advice, can anyone help???

Im really hoping the aha can still be used its started to close up my big open pores and my skin has gone soooo soft (ive been on the regimen for 2 half months.

Any help would be much apprieciated! :) Thanks guys............x

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You can also look up each ingredient's pregnancy category. Benzoyl Peroxide is Pregnancy Category C, meaning that it has not been studied sufficiently in pregnant human subjects to make a determination as to its safety. Almost all docs will recommend NOT using anything that's a category C while pregnant. Only Category A is considered safe, but there is no way that all complications from medications can be considered in all individuals through all stages of life so be extremely careful about ingesting pretty much ANYTHING while pregnant.

Almost all prescription and over the counter medications are category C due to the legal and ethical implications of conducting medication testing on pregnant women (there's no company in the USA that is willing to take that risk!) Almost all pregnancy category information is derived from women's ingestion of medications prior to knowing they are pregnant.

http://www.drspock.com/article/0,1510,5472,00.html That's a pretty good article about medications in pregnancy and all about the categories.

So we, as non-doctors, cannot make recommendations on any products or ingredients.

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