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Hi everybody,

I never thought I would be able post something like this, but I am happy to say that I finally found several remedies that work for my acne. After so many years of struggling with acne, spending thousands of dollars, trying almost everything out there and years of frustration I now can say I got it.

I wanted to share what works for me because maybe, just maybe it can help someone else :)

What I found is that I have to address the problem from the inside and outside. I found this great product called AcNomore which is a combination of chinese herbs that work on all the issues related to acne. I order the capsules online from


This product immediately helped to clear up my inflamed, sometimes cystic acne.

Now to the regimen I use externally.

I wash my face morning and night with Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Complexion Soap which you can order from the same website www.herbalremedies.com/acne-soap.html or you can get it at any healthfood store. They also have the toner to go with the soap but it can be very stingy, so only use it when your skin doesn't have any open lesions. At night I apply a product called Vitamin A Skin Solution which you can read about and order at www.thevitamincure.com (works also great for scars!)

Should I get breakouts or to speed up healing when I picked my skin (which we all know we should not do but hey we all do at times of frustration) I use this awesome spot treatment from Rhonda Allison called Blemish Complex Cream. I order it from this website www.eskincarestore.com

They have this wonderful product in two different sizes .05 oz or 1.7 oz. Now to the last piece of the puzzle. During the day I need somewhat of a moisturizer but not too much because my skin gets oily and then shiny really fast. I use a gel called Cellfood Skin Care Oxygen Gel. It helps my skin to stay oilfree and it also helps with wrinkles, since I went straight from acneic skin to mature skin :( I buy my gel at a healthfood store but you can get it online at www.cell-food-store.com

I know it seems like a lot of money and a lot of work, but I cannot tell you how excited I am that I actually had some immediate results so to me it is well worth it.

I guess I should mention that I haven't been eating sugar for over a year and I also stopped eating dairy just to try another route. I have to say though that not eating sugar didn't show any results. What really did it was the chinese herbs!

That is it. I hope I was able to help someone with this information!

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