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Pit, Scar, Redness, Flawless Treatment!

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i know there are alot of skeptics out there, saying this will not work, because ive seen so many bullshi.t artists making up scar treatments, but give me my word, this one works even when uve got acne it wont aggrevate it. I very much suggest it to people using either A) accutane currently B) have got any sort of rednessscarring

1st step is just to wash ur face with luke warm water, make sure if ure a women all makeup is gone, men, just have a clean shave.

then use this product by Nivea, called nivea for men face care, revitalising cream Q10, it comes in this smallish cylinderical container. Its bloody awesome, ive been using it for like 5 days, applying it once at night, and once in the morning, and its done wonders. i know this all sounds like anything someones else says, but plesae beleive it. (ps im 17 years old, im not trying to promote a product), try it out dudes, i wanna see if every1 else gets the results that i did...

good luck!

its just a lotion that i bought, , there is not time for skeptesism, i swear to god do u know how good i fealt today, back in the days people would say "whats happend to ur face", jeez u got so much acne now, it looks like u have freckles(this was because i used to be a looker, or what people said was a looker back in the days) today, so many people came up to me and said, woh howd u get rid of ur acne so quickly, it seems that is wasnt even there, my parents are even telling me, my life is up for a change and im lovin it, now i just gotta quit smoking, small steps i say :D)

good luck

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Sounds like some sort of low grade moisturiser to me. I use Nivea shaving gel sensitive for men and that is good for shaving only but i can't see how this stuff is going to help indented scarring unless it has some sort of magical collagen inducing properties!

But that is good that it works for you. Sounds like you have mild acne and the lotion gives your face a softer more subtle look because it is a moisturiser.

The people who use this board have scarring not just a case of mild acne and they might be a bit skeptical about your find-sorry.

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