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Something that has helped me (only useful for girls)

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Hey everyone,

I've found something that has really helped my acne, so I thought I would share! I was on Accutane for five months, on a really high dosage. While it helped a little, I've still been getting awful breakouts every month at the same time of my cycle. I've been on the pill for about seven years now, so I know I always break out at right about the middle of the pack. A few months ago, I accidentally missed two pills in a row about two weeks into the pack. It brought on my period, and I didn't get the breakout. So the next month I skipped the same two pills on purpose. Same thing, no breakout. SO, while I'm sure it will be argued that it's not good for me, I'm going to keep doing it once in a while. So if anyone has a certain time of their cycle that they break out, and are on the pill, try skipping a few pills just before your usual breakout time.

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thing is....some of us actually use the pill NOT to become pregnant.

But I did hear that if you start a new pack as soon as you finished your other one(skip the sugar pills),you don't get your period and don't have the breakout.

IS this true?

And from what I heard(I think it was on The Doctors), missing your period isn't even harmful...

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floggers... ive actually noticed the same thing... but i havent done it on purpose. i just switched pills so im gonna see how this works 1st. but i know exactly what you are talkin about! glad it helps you

Metric24... yes it is true that you will not have a period if you continulously take the "active pills" and skip the sugar pills. this is because it keeps a constant level of hormones in you that will cause you not to have a period. and you are right... it isnt harmful to your body, ive even heard that is can be good for you. there is a birth control pill called Seasonique (spelling?) that has 3 months of "active pills" so you only have a peorid every 3 months. its hard to say if this will elminate the hormonal breakout. i tried that pill for a few weeks and stopped because i noticed a lot of weight gain in a short amount of time. in theory it sounds like a good idea (thats why i was going to try it) but its different for everyone.

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