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Tanning Beds

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I need adivce or some thoughts as to what i should do.


I am an abercrombie model had a clear face and never even had a blemish. I have been on the walls of the store and hada budding career. about a year ago i was riddled with acne all over my forehead. I then grew out my hair so it covered my forehead and no one even noticed. Literally the rest of my face was perfect.

8 months or so of this acne prevented me from going to castings to audition for new gigs. i just simply turned them all down. after treatment and this regimen (god bless this website) i am left with red marks all over my forehead, its the worst around my temples.


My skin is clear but i need tips because ive decided to try out this thursday. I have gone to a tanning bed 3 times and it seems to blend in a bit more. should i try make up? continue tanning? i have to have my hair out of my face so im getting a little worried and wondering if i should back out.


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1.) Please, do not tan! I made that same mistake around october as i was breaking out pretty badly. I had blemishes, red marks, and a little active acne so I figured tanning would help blend everything in. It did just that for a temporary amount of time; however, tanning prolongs that existence of your marks. Don't do it!

2.) If make-up makes you feel more confident, then go for it. Giving your situation and being a model, I don't think it would be a problem if you used a bit of concealer on your forehead. Make sure it's not too heavy, though!

Good luck!

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