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Acne Washes/3 Step systems DO NOT WORK!

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I have only had a problem with acne for about a year, but not anything huge. This past summer i

think was the wrost that it has ever been in my entire life. I used just about everything,

nuetrogeena,clean and clear, clearsill ect. ect. .... you know when you have acne you try

everything. and i didnt see a change in my skin. i still had the same scars, i was still breaking out

even though i was on the 3 step system, so about 3 weeks ago i stopped using my 3 step system.

and i stoped breaking out as bad and as much as i use to as when i was using my 3 step system.

my mom had always told me that i shouldnt use anything becouse those soaps have high acid

concentrations which make your face worse. She also told me to stop thinking about my pimples

she said that the more that i thought about them the more that i would break out.

She also told me to stop poping them. and really thats the GOLDEN RULE! NO POPING WHAT SO

EVERRR.. popin makes your pimples bigger and red!

so you should try this :

Stop using your high acidic soaps and 3 step systems

-only wash with warm water!

Dont think about your pimples

Dont pop your pimples

Drink plenty of water

Eat plants with alot of rugge like:

-lettuce -cabbage -celery -spinach -and other leafy things

and stay far far away from:

-MEAT -MILK dairy in general!

they have puss!

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