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Can't decide what my next step should be

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a little history: I was on the DKR for about 2 years when I stopped using it and remained pretty clear. Unfortunately, I thought I was invincible and I got a lot of sun this past August and I broke out probably the worst I have ever broken out. Currently, I am dealing with the leftover redmarks and the occasional pimple that forms. I went back on the DKR for 6 weeks when I just got so frustrated and upset that I quit it for a week and did nothing. After a week of doing nothing, I started using AR Creme which uses sulfur as it's active ingredient for battling acne.

now I sit here after two weeks of using this and my skin is definitely improving, however I just broke out this weekend because I got pretty hammered on friday and on saturday morning I had 4 new pimples. I am stumped as to what I can do to completely stop breaking out. The drinking is most likely the cause for the new pimples, however I am mulling over the idea of going back on the DKR.

would a problem arise after using a sulfur treatment and then switching to BP so quickly? do I have to start from the beginning if I start DKR again? remember I was on DKR for about 2 years then stopped then recently was back on from october 11th to November 22nd (6 weeks). now I have been using the AR creme for two weeks.

I am just so fed up with dealing with this. I have definitely been the most depressed of my entire life this semester; I cleared up really well this summer and I had such high hopes for this semester of college. It's my fault I am breaking out so bad since I went to the beach and got a lot of sun, but I am unsure of what I should do to let my skin heal. should I go back on Dan Kern's Regmen?

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