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My accutane log. Finally get to try it!

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Starting with 20mg, 10mg two times a day 10am and 10pm. M 21 147lbs.

Hey there.

Quick introduction

I've been a longtime reader of the acne.org message boards. I feel that experiences from other people and their words are very helpful and educational.

I'm posting because I finally got an accutane prescription. I've been battling my acne since I was about 14. It started very mild and of course got progressively worse with every passing year. For awhile I just went under the false belief that it would clear up on its own out of high school. What a laugh! My acne has held me back throughout the years, and it's doing so more now than ever. I'm not going to give my life's story, but I feel it's preventing me from living life the way I want to. I'm super self conscious because of it, that has definitely had a toll on my social interactions.

I'm 21 years old and 3 years into college now, studying web design at the Art Institutes. I feel that I'm at a very important time in my life, and that I need to do something about my skin condition. I've always wanted to do something about my skin, but now I want to more than ever. About 2 years ago I started going to Dermatologists for help. Like many others, I've tried everything. Every prescription antibiotic and every topical solution you can imagine. I recently switched to a very intelligent and caring dermatologist, and he suggested accutane.

I've been waiting for the day I could try the product that may have a chance to help me.

In my own words, this is what I have: (will attach a pic of day1) Annoying cystic acne. Clogged pores 24/7, nonstop. 70% of all my pores are infected. Nose is most severe. Extremely oily skin.


What I'm going to do:

1. I'm going to follow my doctor's instructions religiously of course.

2. I'm going to rip my mirror out of the bathroom. I pick way too much, and it's time for me to stop. Too much scarring, and it just makes things worse when I do.

3. I'm changing my lifestyle. Immediately. I'm going to live healthier, food sleep, exercise - - the works.

4. I'm going to post updates either once a month or every 2 weeks. Not everyday.

I've been able to conquer bad habits throughout my life. Cold turkey. Hope I can do it again now, because this accutane regimen is very important to me.

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First month is behind me.

I have to say the initial breakout period lasted quite a long time for me. My skin was pretty bad when I first started, so I guess I was recovering from that along with whatever breakouts the accutane intensified. I would say the IB lasted me about 3 weeks. My skin was really bad for the entire first month. I timed my treatment pretty well though; I had a good 3 weeks off of college to start. I started class recently and my skin is doing much better.

Everyone is looking for perfection, am I right? But on a real level I'm hoping that accutane can bring about a moderate change in my skin. So far so good. The doctor said that he was amazed at how my body is coping with the stuff, and my acne count has been reduced by about 50-60%. My chest and back have nearly cleared up completely (Though the state was very minor acne when I started). I'm not close to perfection or anything, but the stuff does seem to be helping me thus far.

This is funny but I actually feel a lot better now that I'm off antibiotics. Its a complete mental change for me knowing that I'm on some medication that has proven potential to help me. I feel like its the best decision I've made in some time to quit antibiotic treatments. None of them (with the exception of bactrum) really helped me at all anyways. Bactrum was just temporary relief, and stay away from solodyn people! It made me super sick!


Now for the quick report on accutane:

About 2 weeks in my lips started drying out of course. I've been using aquafor and shay lip butter (which both work miracles)

My skin is noticeably thinner. I would recommend against picking EVER because red marks seem to last way longer, and skin seems to scar far easier. I picked 2 times this month, and regret both sessions bigtime.

Face has been a lot dryer. Definitely. Moisturizer = my best friend at the moment. I've been using CeraVe and its amazing.

Not sure if this is directly because of the tane or not, but I haven't been able to work out as hard as usual this month. I can still go at it, but not with normal intensity. I can't lift as much as usual. It was kind of shocking to me. Because of my schedule its hard to tell if I'm getting muscle weakness because of the stuff.

I've gotten some dry eyes a few nights, but the sensation doesn't last long so I just brush it off.

No headaches or depression at all.


I would just like to say that I truly feel this stuff has the capability to help anyone with their acne problems so long as you have the patience to deal with it. Things are going pretty well for me so far, and hopefully they will get even better.

BTW doctor upped my dosage to 30mg / day from my original 20.

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You and me are a lot alike.

I am 20 years old and a junior in college.

My derm started me at 40 mg per day and I am on day 7.

Haven't experienced the IB yet, nor the chapped lips, but I am sure this is the calm before the storm.

We are all rooting for you man.

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