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First Accutane Appointment What To Expect??

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Hi Everyone! This messageboard is a godsend! Thank You to everyone for all your help. I'm going to the dermatologist this Thursday to get my first perscription for Accutane (I already passed 1 negative pregnancy test a month ago, and Im going tomorrow for my 2nd one - and then I can go on Thursday to pick up my first months script) - Anyways I was just wondering what I can expect during these monthly visits to pick up your monthly perscription for accutane -

Do they ask you when your last period was? I am not going to use the nuva ring like I told them I was (because your required to use 2 forms of birth control) because I am not going to be sexually active while on accutane. I would rather abstain from sex during my treatment than deal with the side effects of birth control because I do not tolerate them well. Anyways I was just wondering if they ask you when your last period was or anything like that so I can be prepared and just what else I can expect from the visit - do you just go in and pick up the script? (like in and out type of thing?) - Sorry for such the long post - you guys are the best!!!!!!!!

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My derm never asked any "female questions". He just looked at my skin, asked how I was feeling, and gave me some samples of aquaphor and sorbolene (moisturizer). Then the RN would take my blood and ask more question about how I was feeling and any side effects I was having. All you do after your appointment is you go home and wait until the derms office has done their part on the iPledge (my derm office did it fairly quick -- either that day or the next day). Then you answer your questions on iPledge and go to your pharmacy and have your prescription filled. Make sure you take your card with your number on it to the pharmacy so they can fill your prescription.

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