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Need some help

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Ok so basically im a 17 year old male and iv had it pretty bad since i was around 12. Alot of my mates have gotten mild acne (What i refere to as the "Proper" one, with pimples etc) however im the reverse, i never seem to get "proper" spots just thousands of blackheads!

Most of my skin is fine however the WHOLE of my nose is literally covered in them! some are small but most are quite noticeable. Iv had these for around 5 years now and they just dont go away or get better.

Been looking through the posts on here but im rather confused as what to use. So can anyone help me?

Any feedback is appreciated!


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What are you doing to rid them? Do you squeeze at all?

There are these paper strips that you apply to your nose. You wet your nose first then apply the strip and wait for a few minutes for it to dry completely (it'll feel really tight and hard). Then you gently and slowly pull off the strip. It kinda makes your eyes water, but it doesn't necessarily hurt. The used strip brings most of the blackheads with it. The result isn't permanent, you usually have to do it about once a week.

In America, we have Biori brand pore strips... there are also a ton of other brands.

Good luck!

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Currently just scrubbing and washing very regulary, i try to pop them if i can but it usually makes me worse.

And i heard about the "pore strips" was told they wernt worth it and can do more harm than good.

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No one I know has ever had any problems with pore strips. Honestly, I'd think popping them and scrubbing is far worse than pore strips. They're inexpensive enough to try. It's your choice though, just trying to lend some help.

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