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Roaccutane and birth control

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Hello everyone,

I've gained a great deal from this site from the past two years or so as I've battled with acne, and all the advice and information has been gold. But this is my first post...

I'm about to go on Roaccutane as nothing has worked at getting rid of my acne for good (I'm 21 years old and have suffered since I was 16). I went on Dianette and that DID work, but it wreaked havoc with my hormones and it's not a permanent solution; whenever I have come off that pill I have always had to deal with extreme breakouts. I actually wonder if it was Dianette that made my acne so bad in the first place (though I know this sounds a bit old-wivesy, and is a whole other topic).

My current quandry is linked to the problems I had on Dianette, because I suffer from the same side-effects on EVERY pill I've been on (Microgynon and Cileste). The problem is, women taking Roaccutane have to be on the pill to prevent pregnancy, but I just don't think I could stick out another 4 months + of Microgynon, especially if I have to also deal with the Roaccutane side-effects. So my question is, have other girls gone on Roaccutane without being on the pill? Will my derm know if I'm not on it? I know I sound like a risk-taking idiot here, but trust me, there is no chance of me getting pregnant at the moment!!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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you dont have to take the pill. what you can do is just sign the form saying that you are taking it, and get your prescription, and just not get it filled and not take it. just dont have sex. so if you are willing to not have sex, then you dont have to take birth control while on it. thats what i do

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