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Acne keeps forming... please help!

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Ok, so I am going on my 6th week of the regimen. It seems that I breakout out like crazy like 4-6 a week. They are red bumpy and painful. Its mild cystic acne. I clear up and then another breakout. I have lots of brown marks on my cheeks. This is now my problem area. It started on the cheeks like 1or2 a week. Then moved badly to the forehead. Since being on the regimen my forehead is 100% clear. But my forehead WILL NOT stop breaking out and its really upsetting to me. My regimen is still the same:

Wash with purpose soap in AM

Wait 10 minutes and apply 5% bp

Wait 10 minutes and apply moisturizer cetaphyl...not all the time though cuz I think its been breaking me out more. I don't wear make up anymore and I take zinc supplements which I think help a little. I follow the same steps at night as far as washing and applying. Is the regimen NOT sounding like it working? I mean shit I am frustrated here. I feel them tingle and I try not to pop but my son will headbutt me(playing around with me, lol) and I will feel the bruise and run to pop it. Seriously I am getting 4 a week and its so UGLY. I try to be positive but then you have nosey bitches at work aslking "hey???" As they point to spots on their own cheeks asking me what's wrong with mine?? Annoying... I will not give up but can anyone pleeeease give me advice? Is this normal? Why am I still breaking out so badly? Sorry for venting and thanks for listening

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You said you don't always apply moisturizer........Try a different 1 and you also said it breaks you out. Try doing a patch test on your jawline to see if that is the case.

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Yes, I am using 2 full fingers of BP. Cetaphyl seems to break me out. I now have this moisturizer by oxygen botanicals. Seems ok for now. By the way I said my forehead was muy problem area...I typed wrong. Forehead was quite bad in october/november now it is 100% clear. My cheeks are where I keep breaking out. Whatever!!! I wont stop yet. Thanks guys for listening and responding back

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