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Roaccutaine twice with no results?? Help Me?

Hi guys, im brand new to this forum and like everyone here ive been struggling with acne problems since 15. Im now 21. Please forgive me if this post is in the wrong place, but my acnce problems exist under prescription based medicines.

From 15 onwards I tried pretty much every over the counter medication from the local gp, they would work for a while but generally had a wearing off period.

My acne got quite severe around 16, my entire face was blanketed with red tiny pustules and white heads, there was not a space where a spot could not be seen. I was referred to a brilliant dermo who put me on a daily course of roaccutaine. It was a great success and my life was brilliant, I had barely any side effects and it cleared everything up in about 5 months. Unfortunately 5 months later the problem seemed to appear again. Not too bad this time and not as severe but a enough to make yourself conscious and aggressive. It gets a little fuzzy here, but I think I was on tetro-somthing at the age of 17. To no avail.

Last year I took a second treatment of roaccutaine for 5 months as a final stab to finally get rid of the bastards that are infecting my life and confidence. Along with the dry skin suffering, blood tests and dreary sleepy head agony it pains me to think that all that time and money was wasted on preventing acne that in slowly surfacing just as it did before, I know its going to get worse now and spread, starting on the forehead and behind the ears... to the checks and chest and back. I just don't understand why no one has found a solution to this problem for me. Im extremely athletic, I train for marathons have been swimming and lifting weights since my teenage years. I would find it hard to fault anything in my diet as a reason, I don't drink, I eat very little sugar, I gave up milk a year ago and in general my healthy eating habits are quite consistent and regularly checked. Is it possible that I am allergic to something? At the age of 21 im 6.4 inches tall and I don't think ive stopped growing yet.. is it possible that my bad skin is the price I have to pay for high hormonal levels/ strong build and height?

After doing some research ive come to some conclusions;

It is possible that I could cut down on a sweet tooth, I eat too much bread and wheat, I have poor sleeping patterns from college work but I always get enough sleep. A lot of people in the world have awful diets but have flawless skin? Why do certain fraction of skin types have their entire digestive system use their face as a seismograph. A lot of things just don't seem to add up for me and lots of testimonies and facts and misconceptions don't make sense. What is the real reason, the real root cause of my bad skin. Will herbal remedy and chinese medicine work? Is it because I just have poorly developed skin follicles that are unable to regulate the production of sebum which results in infection? Im losing this battle and its very frustrating.

I apologize for this abusive ranting post that asks far too many question. Maybe if you could just respond to the necessary ones. I know everyone on here is struggling with the same issues and I apologize if I am undermining your gradual accomplishments and positivity. I just need some answers and I can't seem to find any consistency.

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Hi Tim

I can empathize with you, it's so frustrating not being able to find something to clear up your acne after years of struggling. I've suffered from acne for 20 years and have used Roaccutane 4 times (I had my first course in 1989). For the first three times, whilst I was on Roaccutane, my acne cleared completely. I had the usual side effects, but nothing I couldn't live with. I've recently finished my fourth course (one month ago) and I'm currently acne free. After my previous courses, my acne would have come back by now so I do wonder whether it's done the trick this time.

I wanted to give you hope that you can find a cure for your acne, but you do need to persist - can you get another course of Roaccutane? If it doesn't prevent the acne from returning, how about trying a low dose over a longer period. I was prescribed 5mg per day for 3 years with superb results. The side effects were much milder on this low dose.

The psychological and negative social effects of acne are very severe (as I'm sure you know) so I urge you to continue to press your dermatologist for a long term solution.

Good luck and Merry Christmas.


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