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Quick and cheap method for plumping up large trench scars

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I have tried this a few times and it works pretty well, but it's not permanent and the scars have to be located in a favourable position to do it.

A few years ago when i was going for job interviews i was concerned about the indentation level of my scar and how it looked. The scar was adjacent/parrallel (running downward) to my lip and upper-lip area but about 2.5cm in from the lip inhabiting the cheek area. It was equivalent to a large smile line or large dimple when you would smile, however it stayed long after the smile was gone :D

I would use large cotton balls, usually one or two and shove them in my mouth, right underneath the scar and it would plump it up making it less noticeable and back then it just looked as though i had some light discoloration where the scar was. I thought it did a pretty good job and it gave me more confidence. You could do it all day and take it out when you eat if you wanted to. Just bring a little bag or case to put the cotton in. You pretty much get use to it but i am not sure if cotton wool has any chemicals in it that could be harmful. What you could try is dabble the cotton wool in honey or something and the taste would become more bearable. But the taste isn't bad anyway and your natural saliva covers the cotton and tastes like, well, your saliva.

When you do it make sure you don't put too much cotton in there or one side of your face might look a bit fatter than the other. I tried this method for a few months and i reckon i perfected it. I said good bye to those unsightly shadows. I reckon it is better than makeup because it lets the skin breathe and well it looks natural and it only takes a second to do.

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There is a little pocket above your upper teeth to the side and that is where i put the cotton balls. They stayed in tight especially when the cotton has flattened. As far as speaking i had no problems at all.

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I dunno i feel like if i had to put a cottom ball in my mouth in order to feel more confident it would sort of be like a cruth and id always wanna use it... if you are looking for something to plumo your scars look for JOEY NE YORK Line-Up

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Don't think I would be able to tolerate all those cottonball fuzzy's in my mouth...

Although, I COULD imagine bursting into a laugh and chucking it all the way cross the room...haaha

Glad its working for you...no offense but....Eeeeeeew.

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