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Competitive weight lifter looking to get on accutane.

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I've been fighting acne for 4 years and am now a senior in high school. I've tried everything, nothing works. I think its time to give accutane a go so I can end this once and for all. I know accutane can effect your joints, and this worries me considering I am a competitive weight lifter, so I handle heavy weights every day at the gym. As long as I take a good joint supplement I should be good right? Also, the straining from heavy lifting always inflames and sometimes even pops my pimples after i workout, and lately I've started getting a lot of acne on my back and shoulders. DOes accutane clear up body acne too?

Here's some pictures of my condition:




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yo dawg if u wna get rid of acne stop using soaps and chemicals on ur face/body, matter a fact its better not to wash ur face/body at all, but if u hav to keep it to 1 or 2 times/ day and keep it very brief...o yea and dont take tane if u lift.. messes wit ur joints..i used to lift alot but after tane messed up my back nd cant lift that much anymore...shuda listened to my frend :wall:

hope this helps,


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^ I disagree with that post.

I lift weights for competitive sports so I have something to relate to with this.

When I was on Accutane I didn't take anything until my joints actually started hurting, and then a simple anti-inflammatory did it for me. But there are bad days and good days and maybe a more flexible lifting schedule would help, eg on one of the bad days maybe you could work more on definition than muscle gain.

Also the sort of thing that helps while on Accutane is just using a simple cleanser and a moisturiser, I'd recommend Cetaphil for both.

Hope this helped

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Thanks guys, and yeah I just take protein shakes and drink over a gallon of water a day. I don't use any facial soaps just good old h2o.

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