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Deep Pore Purging/ Cleaning

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I wanted to ask if any of you know how to DEEP clean the pores. I think a lot of the acne in my case is caused by the unclear pores. as I have found that it helps a lot when I use glycolic acid or SA. I have had terrible effects of prescription ratin-A, because of cold temperatures in Canada. it warns you on the little info sheet that comes with it about temperatures.

Is there something that can help, I mean I know the obhivous things like deep clean scrub or cleansers. Also, SA helps it but I am looking more toward something natural because this would probably be my long-term solution.

I want something that goes very deep without harming the skin

Right now, I am trying the oil cleansing method from:

so far it's been a week and I can see something postive. hoping for more ...

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I am also thinking that my acne is being caused by clogged pores. And im also doing the OCM.

Im only on my 3rd day and the first day the only thing I saw was my skin looked and felt healthy and glowing, the second day my acne scabs mostly cleared up and I felt a couple new pimples coming up.

This morning I woke in horror as my almost cleared skin went into reverse with a bunch of whiteheads.

Can you tell me if this is just purging? Did this happen to you? Is this part of the OCM process?

If so, I think thats what I will stick to to deep clean and clear my pores.

Please get back to me on those Q's, thanks! Good luck!

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