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Would someone help me put together a skin care regimen?

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Hello, I am new to this board and I came here because no matter what products I buy or what I try to do for my skin, I am always having problems. I apologize if this post gets a little lengthy, but I want to describe in detail so someone can help me find the perfect regimen.

Problems: I am 18 years old and still hormonal so I still have acne problems. To treat this I use acne-fighting products. I also have oily skin but ONLY on my forehead, nose and cheeks.

Opposite of this, I have SEVERELY DRY skin around my mouth and on my eyebrows and that area between them, and also on my eyes. I use a moisturizer but it does not seem to be enough.

I want a regimen that will heal my dry skin but will also help with my oily skin and breakouts. And by oily skin I mean OILY! Terrible shine...sometimes I will wipe my forehead with the back of my hand (i never touch my fingers/palm to my face because they are also very oily/dirty) and after wiping I can see the shiny oil on my hand! When I use one of those oil absorbing sheets it completely takes over the whole sheet! I do not know anybody with oil this bad!

Either way, here is what I do now.


1. I take a hot shower (can't help it, though I know it is bad for skin). Towards the end of my shower after my pores have opened up I turn the water to cool/cold and use ST. IVES APRICOT SCRUB, the one for blemishes. I lightly (as to not damage too much) scrub for at least 2 minutes (sometimes longer), avoiding eye areas. I scrub a little extra on the dry areas as to exfoliate some of the dry skin. Then I rinse with the cool/cold water in the shower.

2. When I get out of the shower I use CLEARASIL VANASHING ACNE CREAM. I put it lightly over all of my face. (http://www.clearasil.us/creams/creams_vanishing.shtml) It has a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide which helps with my acne and so far has been doing a good job at it. However, it only makes my dry skin worse.

3. Then to help the dry skin I use CLEAN AND CLEAR MORNING BURST SHINE CONTROL MOISTURIZER. This moisturizer is oil-free so it doesn't clog my pores, and is supposed to help with shine control but it doesn't (at least for me). I think it might almost make shine worse at least in the oily parts. I use extra amounts on the dry parts but it isn't very effective, and within maybe 10 minutes my skin starts looking flaky in those areas.

4. To help keep my eyes from drying i use extra moisturizer there. I forget the product name but it is Aveeno. I want something that helps my eyes because there are deep wrinkles under them, I think from the dryness.


1. I wash my face and take off my make-up with CLEARASIL OIL CONTROL GEL CLEANSER. It doesn't do a very effective job on controlling my oil! And dries out my skin a little too much I think.

2. Then I use a cotton ball to distribute an astringent/toner across my skin. Forget the product name but it is L'OREAL.

3. Repeat step #2-4 from AM.

4. Then I use an acne spot treatment on the individual pimples/blimishes that may have popped up during the day.

However with ALL this work, it doesn't seem to be accomplishing anything!

Added to this, I drink PLENTY of water each day (well over what the recommended minimum is), I eat pretty healthy compared to most people, take multivitimins, don't smoke and I am rarely around smokers..I do so much to help my skin, but nothing works :(

Can someone please help me with my very stubborn extreme combination skin??

thank you so much in advance!!!

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