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is is psychologicl or mainly physical?

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i too like many others here, had acne since highschool(am 20 now), and it hurt my self confidence and self esteem.

since i was 14+-, i also have on and off eye pains/sinus pains(docs didnt found a thing), and i found that the feeling in the face, makes me less confident.

i sometimes wake up, and feel less bad physically(for example less eye pains and clearer), and then feel more confident.

do you think that the influence of the acne(i have less acne on face, but still not clear face, and oiliness....started again the regimen and been on roaacutane 2 in the past), is mostly psychological, and because you feel low self confident, you have physical symptoms, that make you feel not very good in the face when in public, or really the acne cause a real physical feeling of discomfort in the face, that changed to the bad when outside(in the weather) for example?

for example, i have sometimes a worse feeling after shaving.

i guess that shaving on an oily skin, can make you feel crappy the day after because all of that oil.

when you clear out of acne for good(with the age, or when using products on some bases and keeping a good skin) does the --physical-- feeling change for the good?

a good deal of my self esteem is hurt because of the way i feel physically for years(cause you dont have mirrors with you 24/7)

i also have a second quetion-why the hell i look differently one day to the other? i know it has something to do with the light in the mirror room,but still i look 2 days in the same mirror, with the door closed(so no other like can get in exept from the room light) and still feel i look different.

i have this problem i guess alot of peoplehave, of feeling less confident when i think and feel i look some way, and then the other day feel more confident when i feel better physically and feel i look better..... lol..

i kinda messed this post with words, but then again english isnt my first language. (:.

thanks for your response.

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