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Why do I get whiteheads from shaving?

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I used to shave with a blade but all of the sudden it started to give me horrible bumps on my face. I switched to electric about eight months ago and it was fine for a while. I use a norelco with the three heads. Over the past few months my acne has gotten the worse it has ever been and I am 22. I have tried a lot of different products and none have seem to work. A week ago I could not find my charger for the shaver so I did not shave for a few days. The acne was gone. I started shaving everyday again and yep it came right back. I think it could be from shaving. For example I only get pimples on the areas that I shave. Usually around my mouth and the sides of my face next to my chin. I get these small whiteheads that spread the more and more that I shave and they eventually go away. But then three days later they are right back in the same spot. I never have pimples on my nose, forehead, or upper cheeks (areas that are not touched when I shave). I experiemented again with growing hair out and no pimples. Shaved two days in a row and they are right back. I can not grow my hair out because honestly I look like a scumbag. I need to shave every day, but my choice now is look scumy or have whiteheads all over my face. After the past few weeks I really believe my acne is caused from shaving. God i wasted a lot of money on acne products. Please give me some advice on what to do. This is really annoying and is making me feel very bad about my appearence. I need to choose every day: pimples or look like a bum.HELP!!

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what are you using after? i think you would benefit from a good toner and bp(works best for me). also, you can avoid a lot of irritation by using tradition wetshaving with a shave soap or cream rather than store bought can stuff. if you wanna go that extra step, single blade safety razors are the best defense against irritation. but, if youre getting whiteheads, its most likely because of what youre putting on after. a toner with glycolic acid or witch hazel will clean the pores and bp will keep bacteria from accumulating and clogging them. good luck!

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