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miss chicka

I need a moisturizer for my dry flaky skin

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I have been using Benzyl Perozide (BP) on my skin as a spot treatment as well as on oil areas for about a month now. Normally I dont believe in using chemicals externally or internally, but I was so desperate for something, and it did the trick. (I did try the honey-lemon mask, but it just seems to take longer to work and I cant bare to sleep in the stickiness overnight)

I have been using a non acnegenic, non comedogenic moisturizer, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything for me - my skin sucks it in and I am left with this dry flaky dead skin all over my face. I have even tried to apply another layer after the first is abosorbed, but it still drys right out.

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can suggest an all natural remedy that would help replenish moisture without clogging pores? I was thinking about trying milk or yogurt... but Im afraid. My skin is still has improved over the past couple months, but it is still somewhat prong to breakouts.

Please help!

Thanks in advance....

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have you tried mixing in jojoba oil into the moisturiser? it makes it alot better at reducing dry skin/flakiness etc and it doesnt break you out.

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I use Green tea from Proactiv is great.. to expensive for a very small cream...

but works great. I saw good reviews about it , so i went for it. :P and is awesome

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