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appreciate some input on tca..

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hey all. i am a 21 year old male with shallow ice picks on both my cheeks. i have bought a do it yourself solution of tca from the internet, and i have a few questions i need answered by those that have had tca cross done.

1)can you make your skin worse? aside from the fact that if you are careless im pretty sure that your skin can become worse but has anybodys skin reacted really negatively towards tca and caused more scarring?

2)i am starting to grow facial hair on my cheeks and am wondering if this can stunt or stop growth of facial hair. i would like to be able to grow a beard one day so anybody have experience with that?

3)about how much down time? were you comfortable going out in public a week later?

thats about it. again, i really appreciate anyone who replies. i hardly ever post on this board but always just read and we are all in the same boat so help a brother out.

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I can't really speak to the hair question because I have very thin facial hair. As to the downtime, imagine your ice picks being very red or brown, how many scars you have, how many you chose to cross at a time will give you a idea of how comfortable you can be. As to the downtime, it depends on you, they will be red for a while but after they form a scab it's not a big deal for a guy. When the scab falls off, depending on how well the scar was in the first place (if it had mostly healed naturally before you crossed) it may be reddish for a long time.

As to whether it can make a scar worse, you have to understand that some people may have more dead skin and junk on a scar that makes it look better than if the area was scrub harshly. When you cross it will definatly look worse, but whether it will make it worse or better is hard to say. The risk is the scar will get wider, but it's hard to be objective since scars look better or worse at times.

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hey someoneelse, thanks for the reply, did you have tca cross done yourself? if so, what kind of scars did you have, did you notice any improvement, how many sessions, etc.?

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