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Hey guys, to be fair I should state that ive never seen a dermatologist, ive simply had the doctor agree that I had bad acne and prescribe antibacterial pills. I asked to see a dermatologist but for some reason he denied me untill I really though it was bad... which I do, and I havent gone back to him since. But instead, after using the antibacterial pills to a mild effect, I decide to solve this problem myself.

I went through a very very bad period right after I graduated from high school where there was never a time that I didnt have at least 4-5 zits on my face... which was a huge bummer when I see friends who seem to never even have to WASH there face and still have clear skin.. Grrrrr.

So heres the only regime that worked for me! I joined the Army Reserves when I was 18, had real bad sensitive skin.. so much so that even by wearing my berette at work (army hat haha) the leather from the material of the berrette which would wrap around my head would leave a line of saturated sometimes huge pimples...

UNTILL! ! ! ! ! !

I went off for training, most would think being in a field with no way to wash your hands or face would really do a number on a person with acne. I at least was sure I was screwed.

Surprisingly I didnt get ANY ZITS THOUGH, well I think i got one but comon... 4 days NO SLEEP, NO WAY TO WASH YOUR FACE - AND ZOMG OMGWTF My face is clearer than it has EVER been at the end! HOW DOES THAT WORK!?

I know exaclty how it worked, if anyone has ever heard the phrase, " A soldier is somone who will sweat the fat off there soul for you" and thats exactly what we did in the heat! SWEAT, CONSTANTLY and consume TONS of water. My skin for the first time since puberty, the first time in what 10 years was Clear as a babies bottom.

Soon as I get back to the city though BAM same problem, acne kicks in, So I decide F*** IT! IM KILLING THIS DAMN BUG HERE AND NOW

And heres what I did

Run 3 times a week for 20 min - even if your a young buck weight training, its always important to run - Just EAT more

Workout on those 3 off days you dont run

Drink AT LEAST 4 Litres of water a day

TAKE VITAMINS @ NIGHT! ! ! ! NOT MORNING @ NIGHT Dont go over board heres what you take: Centrum Multi- Vitamin; Vitamin D; And Vitamin C (get the chewable sour kind - there like a little candy lol)


and for the final biggest factor in clear skin....

STEAM ROOM! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Sweat out those toxins - kill that bacteria.

EAT 4 Good Meals a day or 3 meals and a HUGE bowl of Salad. Im finding evidence that when I infact eat a heathly amount a day, instead of only 3 meals but more along 4-5 (im a growing dude haha) It seems to cancel the inflammation effects of zits - as in ill get a zit but one day later its gone or so tiny it will be soon - EVEN if I get brave and decide to pop it. Almost like my body is just healing at an accelerated rate.

I can look you in your eyes, you there infected with this acne disease that you believe uncurable and tell you this.

Hit the steam room 4 times a week for 20 mins each time (bring a water bottle in there) and take your Vitamins, and I GUARNTEE this will work better than ANY acne medicine youll pay 80$ for. Now when you adding running and working out into that, I guarntee in 3-4 months of doing this you'll feal SO DAMN GOOD, AND LOOK SO DAMN GOOD that you'll will Glow with confidence and drive for success. After all you've conquered an un-beatable enemy. Acne. Now banish its name from your Vocab.

Tips to using steam room:

(1) shower before you steam - that means shampoo your head as well.

(2) Shower periodically while steaming - say every 5-10 mins - jump out the steam room douse yourself in the showers', wash off the sweat and grime from (dont scrub let the pressure from the shower head do the work) then jump back in.


ps. I also somtimes use proactive but what i notice with proactive is - When im broke (im a student) and I run out of Proactive i gotta work with what I got so I use the exfoliant/ toner and moisturizer when I can. But really all you need is a good face lotion and face wash. Also when I run out of proactive i get a period where I break out - like my face is going through proactive withdrawl then it levels off when I simply wash my face with a cleanser.. STEAM, VITAMIN, AND SLEEP WELL! and my skin looks baby but smooth.



EXCERCISE (youll feal better - have less stress - and get the blood flowing)

MOISTURIZE (Light - oil free moisturizer)



WASH YOUR SHEETS - unless you do it once a week - your not doing it enough. Especially your pillow cases my friends.

PROS to this regime - Cheap - Effective

CONS - No slacking, hit the gym, take your vitamins - Get into that steam room for 20 MINS, drink lots of water.


I realize it can be hard with black men because you, my brotha, have to deal with another issue... whats that you may ask? well its called ingrown hairs. Because the hair on a Black mans face is VERY curly - after a close shave the hair will grow into other hair follicles or even into the skin itself. Causing ingrown hairs. - it sucks BIG TIME - but heres what you do, Forget the anti razor bump cream (although ive never real tried it since i use acne stuff)

GET YOURSELF A PAIR OF WAHL T-CLIPPERS! The same kind the barber uses to line up that hair line or to trim your beard. DONT USE RAZORS ON YOUR FACE UNLESS YOU'VE BEEN DOING IT AND IT WORKS. Clippers like the WAHL are designed for our hair by specialist and the do work. Trust me, I used to use the finest disposable gillette razors and shaving cream money could buy to no avail. - but as soon as i got this clipper (with clippercide spray for sanitation - which is key to health) my ingrown hairs went from a hugely gross amount where I hated going outside. To damn well close to none.

Also I heard that purchasing a high quality machine shaver for the face from say gillette can Greatly reduce the occurences of razor bumps.


Hey dev if you could move this to Regimes thatd be great! Thanks!

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Actually your success could be due to no washing, a highly popular regime on the forums right now.

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Actually your success could be due to no washing, a highly popular regime on the forums right now.


But congrats, cardio and sweating definitely help, just a shame I don't do it as much as I would like.

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