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Red face on roaccutane - please help!! : (

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I've only been on a low dose for 1 week and a half, but already my cheeks and abit of my nose are so red. They look all blotchy and even slightly 'raised blotchy' if that makes sense at all.

Its not too bad when i get up in the morning/go to bed, but as soon as I *gently* wash my face it goes bright red again and literally wont fade for hours. If at all.

I am not using any harsh chemicals, or any chemicals for that matter on my face. I have some aloe vera gel, if anyone has had any luck with this then please let me know how u used it?

PLEASE, recommend ways of dealing with/fading this redness. I feel so self-consious.

Also, is the redness likely to fade at all as I adjust more to the medication??

PLEASE help, im desperate.

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If you already have and are using aloe vera then the only thing I think you can do is slap on foundation - but if you are male that could make you even more on edge facing the public.

Also try and avoid all sunlight and use sunblock going outside. If you are getting it particularaly on the nose it suggests you might just have sun-burn due to roacccutane induced ultra sensitive skin.

To make you feel better - its my second week of roaccutane and I have the BIGGEST REDDEST NASTIEST cyst ever right on my forehead. It truly is the biggest spot I have ever had on my face and ever seen on anyone elses. Almost a third eye ball biggrin.gif I would gladly trade red skin for the dissapearence of that total bastard. Make you feel better no?

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I have really red cheeks too. I use coverup, it works a little bit. I have the same problem as you. It probably will stay until after you are off the meds.

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Hey thanks guys for all the help.

One thing I have found that has helped (I've just washed my face) is not splashing my face with cold water afterwards. I guess the change in temperature is just too much for my poor fragile skin!!

Barkbat - Woooaaahhhh.... I have totally joined u in that third eyeball thing.. Its not a spot anymore... its a.. its a... tomato stuck to my forehead!!!! 8-[ haha, all you can do is laugh really, ain't it? By far the worst spot I've ever had on my forehead.

****please go down soon!!!!*******

Oh, and I am female, so all I can say is, thank THE LORD for concealer!!!!!!! biggrin.gif

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heh.... had the 3rd eyeball, too!

I had it for over a month, probably 5-6 weeks... just in the past couple weeks has it SLOOOOWLY faded away.... still a tiny dot as a reminder.

The first few months are rough... imagine you are Balboa at the end of the Rocky-Apollo Creed fight.

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