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What to do before Accutane?

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Alright home biscuits, here the story. My derm put me on the ipledge program on thursday and I just got the blood test today so I am assuming some time next week I am going to start accutane.

any items you guys can recommend to me? I got really oily skin and I usually only moisture at night. anyone know a good moisture that would not make my skin look super oily/shiny? chapstick - what brand? What do you guys use to wash your face? I have always been using dove - the white bar because my derm told me it was a good cleanser and that she uses it.

I need shopping list ppl because im am preparing for the worst. I have been reading some of the accutane logs and the side effects seem pretty not chill.


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i just bought Emu Oil and CeraVe face lotion which are working really well. The CeraVe is GREAT during the day and the Emu Oil is better for night becauase its oil obviously lol. they seem to help my face heal better than anything else ive tried

#1 fave lip stuff... Nivea Kiss of Moisture (the dark blue one)

I use Cetaphil facewash... and this bar of Goats milk/emu oil soap that came with my emu oil

Also.. get a good body lotion. i use Jergen Ultra Healing.

its kind of a trial and error thing... ive been trying a lot of different products. but i would DEFINITELY buy the Nivea lip stuff.... ive gone through like 7 of the lol

good luck!!

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don't get too spooked by all the side-effets you read about. the thing about accutane is there are a million potential side-effects, and reading these logs you'll see them all. but, you will probably only have a few that bother you. and you get used to them. the one guarantee is chapped lips. before starting accutane, i never wanted to use aquaphor because i couldnt stand the thought of having greasy lips. now, i cant even imagine life without aquaphor. like putting any brand of chapstick, even the good kinds, just seems like putting on cologne in the morning instead of actually showering.

buy aquaphor and moisturizer. other side-effects (if you get any) will come in time and you can deal with them ad-hoc

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Here is what I wish someone would have told be before I started...

Wax or bleach your hair!!!!! :doh: Cuz there are some places you don't want to shave and having hair for 5 months isn't really sexy!

And start moisturizing before you even have dry skin/lips.I skipped a day, thinking I wasn't getting the dry lips(after like a week).....BIG MISTAKE! I've lost control of my lips since.

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