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best way to bring down swelling

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I picked at a cyst on my face and i made it worse now my face is swollen and i look like a freak .how do i make the swelling go down?what can i take or do to help?i gotta go out later today and need all the help i can get.thanks any info will help

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Take a couple ibuprofen. Also you might want hold ice on it for a few minutes every hour.

It should help the swelling.

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I put ice on it for a few hours and the swelling went down a lot but its still there.I got it injected with cortisone but my derm gave me this little bottle of stuff called clindagel to put on it.does anyone know what this stuff does?he really didn't tell me he just said here this may help put this on it and that's it.i how the injection helps so far its still them same but I only had it injected 4 hours ago its the biggest cyst I ever had on my face yet.

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what i would do is take a tyenol tablet and crush it up. add a little bit of water; it will turn into a paste then lightly smear it on the affected spot. 10-15 minutes later wash your face with lukewarm water, then cold water. get an icecube and hold it onto the spot for 10 seconds on and off 10 times. this does wonders for me. i hope it helps. oh! don't rub the ice over, it will irritate and possibly make it worse. hold the ice on the spot. good luck!

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