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Tane vs Vitamin A

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Hey people

Just wanna know whats the major difference between tane and Vitamin A?

How do the doses work in comparison?

for example is 20,000 I.U same as 20mg of tane?

I also notice that the RDA (recommended daily allowance) differs greatly from country to country

like 20,000 IU in USA is 400% RDA

In UK only 9,000 IU Is around 400% RDA

I know many people have had great success in just taking vitamin A

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Tane is derivative of vitamin A. Vitamin A has no effect on acne so you cant really compare it with tane.

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Not true. Very high doses of vitamin A does have similar effects as accutane. The problem is, it isn't as effective, doesn't have the permanent cure possibility like accutane, and moreover, the side effects of taking enough vitamin A to equivalate accutane are much more severe. If you're deciding between taking an equivalent dose of vit A and accutane, you should go for accutane if you can get it. better clearing, less side effects.

If you can't get accutane, adding lots of vitaimin A to your diet should help. it will dry you up a bit. but don't take enough to be equivalent to accutane.

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