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miss chicka

Dry acne prone skin

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I am 21 and have never experienced any problems with acne until the last 8 months. I started using a makeup that caused my skin to break out (Smashbox) and since then I havent been able to get rid of it... My skin is somewhat oily in the t-zone and a little dry on the cheeks and prone to blemishes.

I went to the doctor and she recommended I use benzyl peroxide and do not moisturize (when I asked for a good moisturizer, she laughed and told me that I am trying to get rid of the oil not put more on it, boy was she STUPID), so thats what I did but withing 3-4 days my skin because SEVERELY DRY, I even got little patches of exczema on my cheeks but I was able to treat it with my 100%organic body moisturizer (I dont believe in using cortisone as it thins the skin) and luckily it went away. However, I am not able to use that moisturizer on all over my face cuz it would definately break me out since it is made for the body and not the face, i just needed something intense for the excema.

I stopped using the benzyl perozide after a few days (except as a spot treatment on new blemishes), and invested in a non acnegenic, non comedogenic oil-free moisturizer by Marcelle against my doctors advice, lol, but it isnt doing anything!! I am too afraid to use a more intense moisturizer cuz I am worried that it will make my skin break out. My acne has definately improved over the last couple months since I started this treatment but I am still getting a couple new blemishes here and there so I dont want to ruin my progress.

Is there anyone out there who has had this problem and can recommend some treatment? I am open to anything and I especially like all-natural products and treatments

Thanks so much!!

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"she laughed and told me that I am trying to get rid of the oil not put more on it, boy was she STUPID"

i kinda fail to see whats stupid about this quote, she is correct it sounds like it is the oil that is causing you to break out thus why your new make up made you break out it was blocking your pours thus blocking excess oil from leaving your skin... the more oil the more you break out (this is true for you by the sounds of it but not everyone)

you should go back to using the bp but use it at only at night and only where needed this wont dry your skin as much as most people find when it dries it only dries where they have no active acne....

(the following you should try when your next off work and have no plan on going out (if the above failed) you could try adding the bp while your face is damp... this will demisnish the effect of the bp so it wont work aswell but will not be as harsh and drying on your skin

also as a question back what % bp are you using as if your using 5 or 10% you could just get the 2.5% one which is much less drying

or finaly you could use a different acne treatment... your doctor is correct in suggesting bp as it has the highest amount of sucsess but there are a few over the conter treatments that dont use bp as an active ingredient (freederm was one of these but im not sure if they still make that)

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