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I think it really works!!

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I posted here a while ago, my acne was mild/moderate and every spot I had turned into a whitehead and was painful.

I ended up paying money to go on accutane and don't regret it for a minute. I had been taking antibiotics for around 7yrs with no success, and was fobbed off every time I went to the doctor with "new" tablets. Hm. They had my best interests at heart I think as they were very nice, just nothing was working. So I went on accutane.

Cleared me up, no spots, smooth skin.

Fast forward to around 3 months ago and my spots started coming back (had only been off accutane for 5-6 months). It wasn't a bad outbreak but it was consistent. New spot every day etc.

So in a mad panic one day, I checked my bathroom cabinet and found a bottle of the acne.org BP cream which i'd bought a while ago "just incase". I slapped it on my face (two pumps) and left it there. Did this for a week before it became so unbearable... My face was red and drying, i looked like I was burning up!

Bought Eucerin moisturiser and slapped it on my face day and night after washing (didn't use any BP at this time) until everything had calmed down, and then started the BP again at half a pump morning and night.

This worked great, and stopped my spots in their tracks! I don't want to hail it as the 100% success yet, because I reckon my spots are hormonal but at the moment I haven't had a spot since starting on BP, bar the first day or two. The only thing bothering me on the odd day is a little redness!

Fast forward a few weeks and I decided to get some AHA+. It's awesome. I'm not overstating this fact, my skin looks pretty much as good as it did on accutane (which is VERY good). It's awesome stuff.

So now I'm using either half a pump of BP in the morning and aha+ or JUST aha+, and at night half a pump of BP and aha+. I don't think i'll need to use any more than the half pump, nor do I want to.

Seriously, if anyone out there is at their wits end, try this acne.org regimen. I do personally feel that the accutane was an absolute must in me getting to this point (it calmed my spots down so much, and now as a result don't get NEARLY as much as I used to) but with the addition of Dans BP and aha+, i'm getting no spots! Absolutely superb!

I know trying new medication for spots is often turbulent and stressful, and i'm THE most cynical person when it comes to trying things for spots that aren't from the doctor but for me, this works.

Cheers, Dan & co!

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