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This is my Story of Acne....

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My junior year in high school, iam a VARSITY all- league, all-county football n baseball player , i had many friends, loved going out , hanging out with all my friends, every weekend party, and so on.. about the end of january 2007 my shoulders started to get real red and started to hurt real bad, the slightest touch would put me in massive pain, i never been hurt before, so i figured it would go away,, couple weeks go by, it gets worse, my top half of my arms, my shoulders, my top half of my back are in pain. it was so bad i couldnt lean back in my chair at skool, i cryed myself to sleep everynight cuz of the pain. i went to the emergency room they said it was just a back acne and it would go away after awhile, THE pain gets worse and worse everyday so i go to dermatologist after dermatologist they put me on medication like BACTRABAN then put me menocyclin, they didnt knoe wut it was, and by this time i had sores up n down my back, shoulders, and top half of my arms, and some at the top of my buttocks..nothing was working, and no dermatologist knew exactly wut it was...my regular doctor subscribes me VICADIN after VICADIN 500 mg, i took 2 in the morning before skool because the slightest touch to my back would put me on a pain scale of 10/10 , so the vicadin just aloud me to have movement in my shoulder joints cuz i had sores on my shoulders, then i would take 1 vicaden before baseball practice about 1:30 in the afternoon so i can throw a baseball, i would come home and i would sit in the shower for about an hour and cry and cry and cry becuz i was so depressed , i didnt wanna be here anymore, and i kept thinking why me, why me? but i always told myself there is worse things out there and it will get better, so anyways before i went to bed i would take 2 more vicadins because i couldnt sleep the way i always slept my whole life, i now had to lie flat on my stomach with my arms by my side, the slightest movement would put me in pain , and by this time my chest had sores on too, and they were deep, real deep, now its about 5 months later sores come and go, and i finally just decided to deal with it, because no one could help me, i used to walk around my house in just boxers on, now i cant leave my room without a shirt on, i live in california about 6 miles from the beach, and while everyone is out at the beach getting a tan im at home by myself.. No medication worked, no matter what soap i used, the pimples n sore turned into scars, and more sores would come, and more scars, the pain go away as the sores go away, and now its December 2007 and im still in pain, i gave up on everything because for a whole year i would take my shirt off every night and look at it, and there would be blood marks on every shirt i wore, i had to wear 2 shirts because the blood would seep thru, all my friends thought i went depressed and everyone would always wonder wut happened to me, i never told anyone but my parents because every time i would think about it, i would cry and i had acne on my face off an on. so one night i get into trouble with my parents and we sit down and have a talk, and they don't know that iam still in pain because i thought "why should i tell anyone when all im gonna do is tell them and cry to them and nothing is going to change what im going thru" so i told them look at me and look at my back again, so i told them i dont care about anything in life, i never went to school , i would ditch school and drink all day everyday because that was my get away, nobody knew wut kind of PHYSICAL PAIN because of my back hurting so bad or the MENTAL PAIN i was in knowing that i cant swim in my own pool, i cant walk around my house without my own family looking at me weird, i cant get close to any females because i thought they would be disgusted about what my back looked like, i had to avoid going out with friends and partys because i wanted to avoid any situation that would put me in embarrasement, i told my parents to forget about helping me, but my mom went out and found a dermatolodgist at UCI (university california irvine) and this doctor i can really say saved my life, and believe me i went there thinking that this was gonna be one more person imma show and he aint gonna do a damn thing about it, but it was different this time, he took one look at my back and said i had a severe case of acne called ACNE CONGLOBATA, he prescribed me ACCUTANE and i heard about all the side-effects and everything so i was a little scared, and i thought either i do this or i live with acne, but he told me that he was 99% sure it will stop the sores or at least most of them, but the scars would still be there, so from APRIL 2008 to September 2008 i was takin accutane, i had chapped lips, my skin was real dry, i had mood swings, i didnt really wanna talk to many people, but i knew that it would get better, and when September came i had a couple sores left like 1 or 2, my face was clear of acne and my back is clear too, my back is scarred from top of arms, all the way across my shoulders, my whole back from top to bottom. Now its December 2008 and im still acne free. i had the worse year of my life in 2007 but u knoe wut ...EVERYBODY gets pimples, some are worse then others, and i just always stay positive, i like thinking about a bright future.

- i always told myself that there is people out there with way worse conditions wether it be life-threatening or not, whenever anyone said they were depressed about something they could of avoided i always think, WALK IN MY SHOES ONE DAY and THEN TELL ME IF YOUR STILL DEPRESSED,

- im 18 years old now, and i have my whole life ahead of me, i know now that i can conquer any obstacle in my way, because ACNE is one the most depressing things, its life and shit happens, u live another day,

- it doesnt take 1 day to get clear, it takes TIME, just let time do its part and everything GETS BETTER.

- PHYSICAL PAIN is worse then MENTAL PAIN, remember that.

=) :dance:

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Good Post! Very hard to read without paragraphs, but good post, thanks for the story. I am on accutane and have been for like 6 weeks and my face is looking incredible. I never really had bad acne, it was just mild but my face is looking the best it has in a long ass time!

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