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5 month self-improvement plan.

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After seeing all the successful Accutane logs, for myself I've decided to put together this sort of "progress" report I will update at a few times a week so I can make one of those neat "before and after" things and a time lapse. I'm currently 17 years old and having progressively worse acne. Starting 2 years ago a few pimples showed up, no big deal (and progressively getting more), but for the last few months and through many different prescribed topical gels my acne has only worsened. Seems like nothing is working so I'm resorting to Accutane just like many others. Since my acne has started to develop my confidence has also taken a blow. This is what i have in mind to try and turn things around to make myself a more confident individual. I will be updating this log with pictures and (hopefully) all the songs I've been able to record.

-#1: Accutane (hopefully without the some of the possible dreadful side-effects)

-#2: Along with taking Accutane, I've decided this is a good time to hit the gym too and try to turn my scrawny 6'1, 140 pounds into a weight I feel more confident with. I eat loads of (healthy) food and gain nothing, and could eat just a bit less for a few days and lose all the pounds I've been trying to put on. I go to the gym once and a while but today was my official start.

-#3: Music is my passion :boohoo: , I love to listen, to learn and to play. I started playing piano a few years ago mostly by ear or someone showing me how too by watching them play. It comes quite naturally and after hours of playing Rock Band with friends and family I decided to get a drum kit... and a guitar. So the third part of this self-improvement program is practicing all 3 of those instruments.

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playing 3 instruments is not really recommended when you start. You should play one and get really good at it first or 2 maybe but if you play 3 instruments youll be switching every 10 minutes and you'll either quit or not play enough. Taking accutane is a good idea tho, it owns. And working out 2 but just watch out while on accutane dont train to much and dont start training with really heavy shit or ull quit or hurt urself :P Well anyway thats just what i think and what i know from my own experience :)

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i can really relate to your self-improvement plan. i look at my accutane course the same way - especially since it will limit my ability to go out drinking with my friends. So, since I'm relegated to the indoors and being by myself for my free time during the 6 months, i wanna better myself as well, in much the same ways.

I wanna get bigger too. Problem is my accutane course coincides with my busy season at work, so ill never be able to get to the gym during the week. but i figure if i can go once or hopefully twice on the weekends ill grow or at least maintain enough muscle to be able to bulk up a bit in the spring when work gets lighter, in preparation for summer.

i also love music and i've wanted to learn guitar forever. i dont know why i cant bring myself to just do it already. my dad and 2 brothers all play and are fantastic. i have a good ear for music and i think i could be great. im just so lazy.

i had actually assumed i wouldn't be going to the gym during accutane because of the joint aches and stuff, but so far i haven't experienced anything too bad so i've gone when i can. i just don't lift too heavy. instead just try to do more reps and build endurance and a little muscle, and then really try to get bigger in the spring.

anyway, i think you've got a good plan going and keeping a log can help both in tracking your progress and guilting yourself into hitting the gym/picking up the instrument when youre feeling lazy. good luck

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