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Boy and Cap

Hi, I'm new. What should I do?

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Hi, I'm new to this forum! I'm 17, male and have suffered from acne since I was 12. At first, I saw weird looking things around my cheeks. Soon, I got more and more pimples. Its been like that for years. Theres been good times, quite recently near August this year. Clear skin, with just mild red marks.

Then, when school started it got worst. I blame my lack of sleep and me just simply having 0 a day of fruits. I drink a fair bit of water, eat healthy (Fast food is the main source of my acne, and I have stopped for ages). Anyways, now my breakouts have stopped. I normally just get big nasty pimples, as the little ones go really quick. Now I'm left with some red marks. Because of large spots month or two ago, now I'm left with even more red marks.

A trip from the GP, this is what I was supposed to use:

Morning - Duac once daily gel

Night - Differin Gel 0.1%

The morning one has BP and I stopped using it. Instead, I use the Differin one both morning and night. It helped to stop breakouts. Reasons for not using bp is because too dry and makes mark more red. Moistoriser I use E45 Cream. Works really well, esp for bad dry skin. When I do get a inflamed spot, I use Clean and Clear Advantage Quick Clear spot treatment gel. Stings and works like a jewel. It triggers your spot making it rise up to the surface, so speeds up the process.

I have even used makeup before. Well some max factor foundation stick. I just dabbed it with my finger. Didnt work so well and it made my skin more oily and sometimes makes a spot appear too. Any good makeup to cover red marks? And also any tips or products to get rid of these red marks.

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My best friend used the Maxfactor foundation stick for a while when we were in highschool and it broke her out like crazy. I'd recomend something that won't clog pores, like a mineral makeup and just get a concealer brush and spot treat so you're not wearing an enire face of foundation. Just make sure to check it in natural light before you leave the house! As for fading red marks, different things work for different people, but Nicomide worked really well for me so you might want to talk to you derm about it next time you see him/her. I also really love MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Peels. They aren't too harsh and they seemed to help my red marks plus they just make your skin feel really nice, but I'd be careful if you did decide to use them since you seem to be using a couple topicals and those tend to make skin more sensetive. Just remember to be nice to your skin, treating it too agressively can make it worse.

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