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I live in South Africa and it'll be extremely expensive to get Dan's products, I'd have to import making it unaccessible.

I am currently using a South African product called Oxy (perhaps it originated somewhere else but I know it from SA). They only have Oxy 5 (5% BP) and Oxy 10 (10% BP) I was using the 5% for my bacne and it ran out coz they only come in 25ml tubes (quite crappy) and when I went to the store they only had 10%. I mixed 1 part 10%PB with 3 parts Aqueous Cream (Nurses Own is the brand and it's fragrance free and hypo-alergenic, not sure if it's non-comodegenic) so that I can turn it into 2.5% BP mixture.

I'm just worried that the Aqueous will have an adverse reaction and give a break out and worsen my bacne.

Anyone have a similar experience? Anyone with some good advice. I'm on my first week of the regimen.

I also can't find a suitable AHA product but I'm starting with the BP only for now.

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I also live in South Africa and at first did exactly what you've done.

Mixing might result in ineffective BP, instead buy the 5% Oxy and start very slowly.

I've used Cetaphil gentle cleanser and oxy 5 with a Garnier Moisturizer, only been on the regime for a few weeks though so no drastic improvements yet. My skin has been very dry but I'm pretty sure that will start subsiding in another week or two

10% BP won't be too harsh for your bacne so use 10% on your body and 5% on your face

Dan used 5% for quite a while at first so I don't think it will be too harsh, pity he doesn't ship to South Africa hey!

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I don't understand why you'd want to do this.

Let's do some math. The regimen recommends using a huge amount of 2.5% BP gel. Imagine it's 100 milligrams of gel. So that's putting 2.5 milligrams of BP on your face, along with 97.5 milligrams of gel that it's dissolved in.

If you use 100 milligrams of 10% BP cream on your face, you'd get 10 milligrams of BP, 4 times more than the regimen recommends. But if you just use 1/4 the total amount of cream the regimen recommends, you'd be putting on 25 milligrams of cream, including exactly 2.5 milligrams of BP. If there's nothing else medicated in the gel or cream, the amount of BP you're putting on your face is identical.

I've been using Dan's gel and it's a pretty thick layer you end up with when you use the recommended amount. Putting on 1/4 of that amount, it still shouldn't be hard to get it spread around evenly. And all you're getting is less filler.

The rationale for the 2.5% gel is that a study found that using higher percentages was more irritating and not any more effective. But if you do the math you realize that using a thick layer of weak gel is no different than using a thin layer of strong gel! This isn't to discount the regimen. Studies can reach conclusions that are later invalidated, so it could just be wrong. But I don't see why we should listen to that study's results when trying to apply the regimen, because the study completely contradicts the regimen's recommendations.

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