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I just don't get it...

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I don't get how this could happen! I just hit the 4 month mark of the regimen. Last friday, I left for a little trip with a bunch of friends. Before leaving, I did the regiemn, etc, and my skin was looking pretty good. About only about two active pimples.

When I got there, I realized I accidentally forgot all of my skincare things, except the cleanser. I also remembered all the supplements that I take [fish oil, zinc, & vitamin c]. Now, I thought I was going to break out because I didn't have it for the first time in 4 months, but it was completely opposite. I only cleansed and took my supplements saturday morning [did nothing on friday night] - since thats all I could do. We left for home saturday night at about 10PM. I got home at around 3AM, quickly did the regimen, then went to bed.

When I woke up on Sunday I had the best skin I've ever had. It was flawless. I didn't get how it could be since I didn't do the regimen twice! Now, I was in a very good mood applied the regimen both in the morning and at night on sunday. But then on monday woke up TONS of spots forming... I stopped many in their tracks, but right now I have two VERY big uninflammed red spots that are really bothering me.

How come when I was off the regimen [for the most part], my skin was flawless. Then when I got back home, started doing everything right again [eating healthy, etc] I break out?!

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Your skin was flawless looking because you hadn't touched your face for 2 days and didn't cause it any irritation or anything.

You broke out because you didn't wash your face for 2 days.

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I heard it takes a few days for acne to form so it could be the reason why you didn't notice the appearance of them until a couple days after :think:

She hit the nail on the head

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