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Need help guys

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Im on my 3rd month off accutane, and my skin is feeling dry, itchy, and overall not looking healthy. I rarelly get pimples anymore.

First off all, before I was on accutane my skin was kind of messed up because of 2 years using BP. This left my face pretty dry and sensible, and i was still getting breakouts so i finally started taking accutane. My problem is that my skin can't take many skin products (very sensitive), especially when using cleansers!

I think im going to wash my face only with water (morning/night) and apply a fragrance-free, paraben-free moisturizer night and morning. Since i dont wear makeup and sunscreen would this be a good ideia? I get this ideia because I look ate my friends, and especially my roomate! He smokes a lot, drinks a lot, eat junk food, and doesnt use ANYTHING on his face and guess what? yeah you guessed it, he has PERFECT SKIN!

So, since im on accutane I sure have to moisturize, but im planning on stop using the cleanser. What do you guys think? Is this a good ideia?

PS:Dont bother suggesting very mild cleansers for sensitive skin. Ive tried a lot from brands like avene, la roche posay, isdin, vichy, aveeno and simply my skin doenst like it. I even tried cleansers for eczema/atopic skin and still get some minor itching and redness.

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I know you said not to, but I have very fair/sensative skin and this is the only wash I have found that doesn't bother my skin at all http://www.amazon.com/Purpose-Gentle-Clean...0/dp/B0009RFAPY

I use that, then moisturize with nadinola shea butter (which is the only moisturizer I have found that doesn't irritate my skin or leave it oily).

Hope that helps.

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I use Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream at night and that keeps my skin from getting all dry and flaky plus it doesn't seem to clog my pores or break me out. I also only use cleanser at night just to make sure I get all my makeup off. In the morning I just use a wash cloth and warm water and then my daytime moisturizer. That seems to do the trick. I'm almost one month in on Accutane and while I've tried a few different things this is what seems to be the best at A) not breaking me out and B) keeping my skin soft. If you don't wear makeup I don't see any reason why you would need to use a cleanser, warm water should do the trick! That's all I do on days I don't go out and it suits my skin just fine. And I highly recomend the Night Cream, or something equally moisturizing before bed (it's kind of greasy looking, so not really all that practical for days). Hope that helped!

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