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I had a cyst under my skin for a while. But unlike many of my past ones it did not feel very large. The only thing that made it feel cystic was the fact that it was a bump under my skin (and in a cystic prone area)

After about a month, it came up (yesterday). It still doesn't feel very large under my skin. And I managed to get to a head and lightly pushed a little bit of puss out before I saw blood and stopped.

In the light, I can see a slight redness around the area of where the whitehead was and I'm scared (past experience ) that that area will all turn into a cyst. In the past, I've never had a cyst appear this small above or underneath but I still feel like it has the potential of growth (which scares me).

I'm icing it and taking advil. As well as my normal doxycicline. I'm also on clindamycin and tretinoin should I continue those on the cyst? Will it take down the swelling because it is drying?

Also, the "cyst" which kinda seems like a pimple meets cyst isn't that big, about normal for a pimple except after it was popped (it was appropriate, believe me I don't pop cysts) it hasn't gone down (it's been 3 hours) like a pimple usually does.


Dermatologist won't see me for 4 days! I'v found that the quicker you get the shot, the better! Every day counts (minute)!

Thanks so much!

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it means the person (me) is trying to get people to reply. By me giving a response, it makes the thread "active."

I believe this is so. I've never heard anyone say this but just assumed so. You're "bumping" people to respond, nudging them.

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Hey, David -- I hope you were able to get in to see your doctor. Usually if I suspect a cyst is coming on, I take ibuprofen (have read on this board that Aleve, a similar drug, helps, too) to help keep the pain, redness and swelling down. I know it's hard not to pick. I always wind up picking, too -- and yup, it always makes it worse. I've had them come back, too, after picking. It's so frustrating!!

Anyway, I know my reply is waaaaay too late for you, but hope you found help!

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as long as it stays inflamed its fine. like if you dont get a shot the exact day you get the pimple its fine as long as its still swollen and inflamed when you get the injection. if its not , the shot wont work

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