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What is the best acne kit for me?

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I'm 14, male, white, living in San Diego.

I broke out more that usual last week.

I have red, usually white puss tipped zits: In between my eyebrows, about an inch away from both sides of my nose, at the corner of my mouth and several on my chin.

(BTW NOTHING on my cheeks and forehead)

Currently I'm using Phisoderm Gel Cleanser

and the Zit Zapper for spot treatment.

Both of which don't seem to be working.

I am thinking about getting the Clean and Clear Advantage Kit because I've heard good things about it.

But based on my situation, is this a good product or do you have a better suggestion for me?

We go on Christmas break in 2 days, and I'd like to be clear for Christmas.

Sorry if this was a long strain to read,


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Don't necessarily need an "acne kit" ... A gentle cleanser > some type of BP or SA or even a toner > then a light moisturizer should be fine, just make sure you're not using a bunch of tropicals together because it could cause more irritation.

As for your whiteheads, you could sterilize a needle by using fire or an alcohol swab, then pop the head and use q-tips or a tissue to gentle push the pus out. Never use your nails, there is bacteria under your nails! Then apply some Neosporin cream ( gel could clog your pores ). I don't recommend picking though, but if you're desperate, that's my advice.

Good luck !

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