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scar treatment in minnesota?

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Hello all,

I'm trying to find a good dr or treatment center to address my acne scars in minnesota. I have quite a few ice pick scars on my face and nose. From reading these forums I would like to have punch/subcision, tca cross, then laser. The only Dr I found online that was reputable was Dr. Cruthfield and he was book until July 09.

I talk to my Derm about it and she said that since I'm asian chemical peel may discolor my skin tone. She said what she would do is use Fraxel. She's a great derm but I don't think she has any experience treating ance scars. I don't want to spend 3000 on Fraxel and find out it wasn't the right treatment for me.

I know TCA Cross can be done at home but I just feel more comfortable when it's done by an experience professional. Thanks everyone!

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I know what you mean I've had a difficult time finding a DR. Most of them just want to use Fraxel(even though they know that preforming subcsion and TCA before laser treatment will give a better outcome.)If you do go for fraxel make sure it is Deep Fx . It seems to be the only one that gives any kind of results for deep acne scars. Good Luck.

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Thanks for the advice and sentiment Nicole... It can be frustrated sometimes. I guess the search continues.

If anyone used a clinic or dr in Minnesota with good results I would appreciate a recommendation.

Thanks all!

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