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acne free in 3 days apple fast...

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Is it ok to have acne break out when you do a colon cleanse. I did a second acne free in 3 days apple fast and on the 5th day my acne got really bad. My skin is breaking out and i wasn't expecting that. That guy who wrote that book said his acne cleared up on the third day. Well i did the first apple fast last month and it cleared up my severe cystic acne and i don't get that anymore. I was getting small pimples and i wanted to try the apple fast again. So i did it second time again 5 days ago and my face started breaking out. So yeah don't believe that you can cure your acne in 3 days like that guy said, i dunno if its true or not but ive tried it for the first time last month because i had really severe Cystic Acne. It made my acne go from severe to mild and i don't get those nasty cystic acne anymore. So I wanted to try it again and see if it will get rid of my mild acne. But when i did it again my acne went really bad. why is it happening.

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Supposedly your acne initially gets worse with such things because your body is forcing a lot of crap out through your skin- it's a sign of detoxification.

I've read that book, though- anything that claims to help you and talks about how it empowered the writer's life without actually telling you the actual solution for a couple of chapters, is a con. You come across crap like that on the internet all the time.

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I did that and it didn't work for me. It was kind of depressing. I do think my skin got worse. I haven't had any luck with dietary except being careful not to get greasy food on my face.

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