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What other options i have?

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Hey guys,

what other physicans i can go see besides a dermatolgist check hormones or check up or something

im 23 been on accutane 3 seprate times.. it stopped working everytime right after i stoped taking it. taken and used about everything

Acne is very severve, horrible scarring, and im starting to break out very bad now, 3-8 pimples a day, cysts, whiteheads, i dont know what to do anymore, words cant describe how im feeling.

what other options i have? i already wasted 8 years of my life dealing with this, im i going to continue to have this into my 30s? if thats the case.. have nothing to look foward too.. someone please tell me theres still hope out there, thanks

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You can go see an endocrinologist, which is basically a hormone doctor. Depending if you are male or female, there can be different problems in your body that can cause acne. However, most people do not have these problems, they just have resistent acne. After I failed accutane four times, my dermatologist referred me to an endocrinologist just to make sure. Nothing was wrong though. If you are female, seeing a gynecologist is also a good idea.

Definitely there is still hope. I would recommend laser/light treatments. There is photodynamic therapy, Isolaz, Blu-U light. You can purchase an acnelamp for a few hundred dollars and do light treatments at home. There are many options even if you fail accutane.

How long you will have it is not really possible to tell. If you are going to have it into your 30's, it doesn't mean acne, it just means you will be spending a lot of money on lasers/light treatment to fight the acne.

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Have you tried a salicylic acid peel? I too tried everything and am finally having luck with this. I am using 20%. I posted results to my gallery just now, so they should be up as soon as they are approved. I thought salicylic acid didn't work for me because I had tried a bunch of products with this ingredient, but the peel has a much higher percentage.

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Try diet changes. Cleared my skin within 2 months. See sig.

Eat real, nutrient dense food and avoid processed foods and drinks full of sugars and bad fats.

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