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still getting acne with bp?

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I've been using BP for.. maybe 3 months already. I don't have acne like the examples in the gallery. In other words, I don't have acne that's very serious. It's just a pimple here and there, which I actually think makes it stand out more when they get big. But I do what Dan's regimen says. I wash with soap after and pat dry, apply BP, twice everyday. But then pimples still pop up maybe once or twice a week.

I need a few questions cleared up once and for all :D :

1) Should I apply BP to places on my face where there is no acne or pimples? it says in the FAQ to do so, to prevent future breakouts? :? Because my forehead is clear now, so should I continue applying BP there?

2) How come I get some pimple-like things on my face. It's not like a red bump acne that gets filled with white fluid or anything. It's like.. a bump under the skin that gets bigger and eventually surfaces with what looks like some solid element. Looks like hardened white fluidy stuff. Then eventually maybe weeks later, it falls off and leaves a scar on my skin - a small hole. What is this?

3) How long do pimples usually last for? I see them, and apply BP like twice a day. A few of mine last maybe a month or more.. I thought if you apply BP, they would disappear in a day or two?

thanks a lot for all the help! :lol:

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1. Yes, apply wherever you may break out, not just where you are right now.

2. It is a papule. They are prone to scarring and are hard like you say. When they come to a head and liquify, it's called a pustule, which is less likely to scar. Why do you get them? Nobody knows. The regimen should prevent these.

3. Depends on the type of pimple. Whiteheads fade quickly, papules and pustules take longer, cysts can take months.

Also, to make sure you don't break out, you need to be using a LOT of bp. That's the key is to be generous.

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Guest fatman_uk

All my acne was 'inflammed papules' an they were a bitch to get rid of. An i know what u mean about the scarring Dan. I'm not 'scarred' as such, but these redmarks are takin a LOOONG time to frick off. They hide away from site until i get sweaty, then they jump up outta nowhere, lol.

Not half as bad as they were 6 months ago tho. :D


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i use oxy on the spot now and it is much better i dont go red and i barely dry out, BUT my spots are very bad. ive had the same patch of red marks that everynow and then come up in a whitehead. then the whitehead goes away but the red stays. when the red begins to fade, another whitehead comes up and makes it angry. i am putting on a full finger on my forehead everynight and morning, but it dosent seem to be working, mabey im just having a bad time right now. i have red marks around my mouth in a goatee shape (not many) and some started to come around the sideburns area. but my main problem area is my forehead. also around the mouth i have this stuff that like little dots that are sorta.. well a slite different colour to my skin. i dont nottice them untill i smile or open my mouth wide, wat are they and how can i treat them. thanks

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