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kevin El


ok so im starting my treatment from my dermatologist on monday.....

i will have pics up on monday as well for the before and after pics.....notice its pretty bad....its all the way up my back and on my chest and down my arms and covered my face and neck.

accutane was an option but he said this might work so imma see.

anyways im taking

minocyclin X2 a day.

Benziol peroxide 10% nite day

Retin-A at night

lift weights / run every day

Duration is 3 months untill my next check up.

I Have severe nodule acne.

so Stay with me through my log and read up on how im doing ill put a description of my skin every week and a half up in the log.

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I was on minocycline for 3 months and I just got off of it. I was using clindamycin gel as topical gel and was on 50mg of minocycline. I have to say while I was on the antibiotic things were clearing up. Most likely you will see a different after about a month or so. I have been off of the cycle for about a week or so and my face is doing well, but I broke out pretty bad on my back. Everytime I get off an antibiotic the stuff comes back with a vengence. I hope this doesn't discourage you. Go through the cycle and see what happens. Things work differently for everyone. I'm beginning to think that antibiotics are only temporary fixes. I have my check up at the doctor's office on Thursday. When I was prescribed Minocycline he told me if this doesn't work we will try out accutane. Its definately decision time for me. I'm leaning towards trying it out and see what happens. I have a nurse friend who keeps telling me to take it. Anyways thats a little bit of what I went through so far with my acne journey. Well let me know how things go! Best of luck!

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Hey I'm on the exact combo like you for 1 month because next month (end of May) I start accutane. I had taken minocycline in the past (years ago) and it made my acne resistant....I regret it big time. But this time it's only for 1 month until I can go on the accutane, hopefully it will help with the IB..........I'm super freaked out about it...keep us posted with your progress.

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