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Doxycyclinum + Erythromycinum

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It has been 7 days since my visit to the derm and 7 days since I've been using the prescribed medicine.

I'm on 100mg Doxycyclinum (Dotur) a day and Erythromycinum (Aknefug-EL) to tone my face.

My regimen is:


washing face with water

applying a little of Aknefug-EL


100mg Doxycyclinum

washing face with water and soap (without fragrances or dyes)

occasionally a little of jojoba oil with tea tree oil

Since that beginning of autumn I've had the most terrible acne I've had in my life. Lots of huge red pus-filled pimples that made my face all sore. My habit of picking skin didn't help much either.

Around the middle of autumn I've quit using any moisturizers (only the occasional jojoba oil), cleansers, toners and etc. This made my skin a little less irritable, but it was still hellish.

I finally got around to visiting a derm, though was very skeptical. He put me on 100mg Doxycyclinum and in the beginning of January i shall have to make an appointment with him once more to check up on my progress.

I was skeptical to say the least in using antibiotics, especially after haring about all the side effects and so on. The most I was expecting was to have few less puss-filled pimples by the end of the month. Nothing more.

I must say I am very surprised.

The first day I took Doxy (Monday Evening) I could swear i felt my face heat up a little but only for few minutes and nothing more.

Woke up the second day and was surprised to see no new pimples just the ones before and a little less redness. Took the second pill.

Third day: all of the large pustules and paupules were reduced to almost nothing.

Fourth day: All of the large scary pustules were gone and only left behind slightly reddish marks.

Skipping straight to today, the Seventh day.

I can say my skin condition improved a LOT. I don't want to jinx it, but i can really feel the difference. My skin is soft now, the color is once again almost a lovely ivory if not for the reddish marks. One of the things that made me realize how good my skin became was my obsessive habit of picking my skin. Today when I would look in the mirror the urge was very little, i just didn't see anything to try and squeeze. I'm hoping Doxy will also help me get rid of the habit of hurting my skin.

During all the time I used Doxy I felt no side effects what-so-ever. I'm waiting for the appointment with the derm eagerly, hoping that now we'll be able to work on on all the left little bumps (whiteheads or some sort) now.

Three more weeks of Doxy. Hope all goes well. :>

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Day 10:

My skin is soft. A whole lot nicer to the touch than before i took Doxy.

Still a bunch of little slightly red bumps around my temples, red marks on my cheeks from the pustules and pauples I had before and few smal paupules on the left side of my jawline. Had a red pustule on my neck yesterday, but not anymore.

I have still 20 days left. I hope by the time I will no longer have ANY pustules or paupules.

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So it's been a couple of VERY streesful weeks since I finished the treatment. It went something like this:

Up untill day 15 or so I drank one tablet a day, then for 5 days I had them twice a day (I was sick, so that's why the doctor told me to double the dose, not because of acne). And i finished on around December 28th (skipped few days on accident). After that I was told by my derm to tone my face 3 times a day with the Erythromycinum toner instead of one.

I didn't. because the past few days i had lots of things going on at school, lots of stress and would forget about it.

But even with all the strees and forgetting to follow the regiment completely... I'M CLEAR.

Such a strange phrase to say. But right now my skin looks better than ever. NO paupules, NO pustules, NO scars, NO red marks...

The doxycyclinum in conjunction with erythromycinum (one oral and one topical antibiotics) really helped. After just three weeks I had smooth cheeks like a baby's bottom. Sure, I had comedones and red marks. But now both of those are almost completely gone.

Not only that, but after i finished the regimen I had convinced myself not to be too happy about it, since acne has a tendency to flare up after you finish the antibiotics. Add stress to the equation... But no. My skin looks lovely.

I thought that when i would finish the regimen I would count the pustules, whiteheads and etc in single digits... But not having to count them at all.

After 5 years I finally love the view i see in the mirror. I still flinch whenever someone caresses my cheek, but I feel more confident than ever.

I will have to see the derm at the end of the month once more. I can't wait to show him how good my skin looks now.

P.s. I plan on wearing a lovely black backless dress on the "100 days 'till graduation" party for seniors. I want to cry, I never thought I would let myself wear something so pretty and revealing EVER.

P.p.s. I also seem to have a problem now with a bit too much attention from boys. ;D to think that having better skin could change your life SO much...

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Congratulations!!! I'm soo excited for you. I feel the same way. Because I have acne I don't want to wear anything pretty. I'm so glad that you never have to feel that way again!!!


~Miss Bennet

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