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Anyone notice when using jojoba acne heals quicker?

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Okay I just recently ordered the jojoba oil, and I've been on the regimen on and off for about 3 years. My skin was pretty flaky and dry, so I decided to order the jojoba oil. It relieved my flakiness, but I also noticed my acne was starting to heal quicker. Is this, because when skin is hydrated it heals acne quicker? Does acne heal slower when skin is dry? Just curious.

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Jojoba actually is good for healing acne. Because it imitates actual skin oil, your body thinks it has made oil and stops producing more. Jojoba is much better for your face because it doesn't block pores or anything. So yea, im pretty sure thats what you experiencing

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ok i know people say jojoba oil doesnt break u out but there must be something im allergic to cause it made me break out like crazy. the worst breakout ive ever had in my life actually. so yea just fyi....i have mild acne but now it looks like moderate cause of the redmarks left behind from that :(

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I just noticed this post - and I've read in some reports that dry skin can cause acne - because the flakes that lay on your skin - clog your pores and cause acne (that's a rough explanation) but I've had dry skin before - and would still get acne in the dry spots - and would get frustrated because I didn't think acne could form where there was a lack of oil? But I guess this actually isn't true.

Having the moisture of the jojoba oil would probably help your skin heal faster - since it's like having the natural oils on your face help heal. I've had some big cystic acne only heal when they are "drying out" but that might be a different situation.

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Hydration is absolutely a big reason why the acne would heal faster, but jojoba oil also contains massive amounts of vitamin E, which really helps the skin heal.

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I completely agree with he dry skin and acne part ; D

I've been on he regimen off and on for about a year and a half now and it seems everytime I start back up I get massive acne due to dry skin. I recently stoped and stuck with jojoba oil, I noticed all the clogged pores I have on my face became white heads. Eventually hey dyup and disappear. Love jojoba oil ; D !!!!

Heals up acne marks so well with it's sidekick in crime, AHA+

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