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New, 30 years old!

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Hi everyone

I am 30 years old and I am on Day 7 of roaccutane. I am on 20mg caps, one dose daily.

I started having acne when I was 12, I tried many treatments but nothing worked. So they put me on the pill when I was 18, it stopped my acne altogether. Last year, before I turned 29, I decided to stop the pill because taking it for too long kinda freaked me out with all the long term consequences and all. And, as expected, my acne slowly returned. I tried all the antibiotics, zinc, even a healer, nothing worked. My face was still OK, I was not pizza faced yet, but as summer arrived it started growing to my back and shoulders. I could no longer stand it. Plus, I am a teacher and I feel like I'm 15 again with all those zits (mostly cysts). That's one thing I do share with my students ;)

My doctor recommended I take Roaccutane to see, since I refused to go back to the pill. But I was so scared of all the side effects that I gave myself some time. And enough was enough, I decided to give it a try last saturday. I am to see her again in 3 months, but the treatment is going to last 6 months.

I have had a rough week: feeling faint (even had to leave the classroom on Tuesday morning!), lack of appetite, fatigue, I can also add that I felt a little depressed too (I am sure it was also part of it, starting the treatment, feeling so weak...it didn't help) and now, I am starting to experience dry face, sensitive skin, dry lips, nose and eyes; but I am handling my general exhaustion. I eat a little more but feeling nauseous still...

My mood is better and I strongly rely on all those logs and experiences shared to keep my mood up. I know usually people here are easily 10 years younger, but we all share something: the scar acne leaves on all of us, people who don't have or never had acne cannot understand how hard it is to live with it every day. So I am hoping to find people who are in a case similar to mine, I hope to get support when it gets too tough.

I am going to keep exploring the site to read more positive results and forget about all the nasty stuff that's being said about roaccutane.

Till next time!


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Welcome to the board! I'm moving your thread over to the Accutane Regimen Logs forum. You can see how everyone else's courses are going, and keep track of yours here. Good luck with it!

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Nice to hear that the fatigue is going to disappear. I hope so! did the other side effects disappear with time? did you experience any that I mentionned?

Thanks for the info :)

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