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Needling with Frank at Transitions

Hey everyone,

About 1.5 months ago, I had needling done with Frank at Transitions. As those of you who've met him know, Frank is a really nice guy. He urged me to share my experience with this board in case it helps.

When I got to Transitions, Frank first talked with me about the procedure and what I should expect and things of that nature. He and his wife were very nice and hospitable throughout the entire process. They're wonderful people. I wish there were more people like them in the world.

For the procedure, Frank used his hand tools. He did it in somewhat of a "jackhammer" motion, but nothing too fast or severe. He basically needled all my scars, which are located primarily on my cheeks. Afterwards, my face was nice and raw and he gave me some ointment to keep and use on it for the first couple of days.

My aftercare treatment consisted primarily of an Obagi Vitamin C serum and Retin-A. Though I held off on using either for a week before and a few days after the procedure. I also took lots of vitamin C orally, and also vitamin A and occassionally a multi-vitamin.

I used Vitamin C serum and Retin-A as topicals, because those are what you read about as the best aftercare on most websites and studies about needling; but as some of you have probably read, other posters such as Lamarr are suggesting Terproline and light therapy as good aftercare products too. It sounds like Lamarr had great success with them, so those may be good products to use as well.

Now for the results. As I mentioned, it's been about 1.5 months since the procedure. I would say I have received a total of 15% improvement. Which is fantastic. After my procedure, for the first I would say 2-3 weeks, i didn't notice any improvement at all. My skin looked the same as before. Then all the sudden over the 3rd to 4th week, things starting noticeably improving up to about 15%. That was 2 weeks ago. I haven't noticed any additional improvement since then and don't really see myself getting any more, but even if I don't 15% is awesome. It has made this procedure a complete success in my book and I'm very happy I did it.

As for my type of scarring, it's mainly icepicks with a few box cars. Some scars didn't noticeably improve at all, others improved by 25%. Some of the scars that did improve were actually scarred pores.

Overall, I'm very happy with the procedure. Frank couldn't have been nicer and I'm definitely going to do this again in hopes of getting further improvement. I've tried quite a few things, including a fair amount of TCA cross, and so far this has been the most helpful. Well, I guess that's the just of it. Frank and I hope this info will be of use to you all. I will revisit this thread in a week or so to answer any questions. Thanks a lot and good luck everybody.

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Hi Dudley. I don't think it would be appropriate for me to set any price expectations on Frank's behalf. It's probably best if you ask him directly. I'm happy to discuss anything else related to the procedure though :)

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Dear Jonah & all other members who wrote about Frank at Transitions in Carmel, NY,

Thank you so much for recommending Frank, and for telling us all about your experiences and outcomes from getting needling from him.

Yesterday I took the train up to the nearest town and Frank picked me up and drove me back to Transitions Day Spa. It's a lovely, unpretentious little place, and the ladies in the back getting beautified (maybe getting their hair done or makeup) seemed to share a nice friendship. It had a small-town feel, which is something I've been looking for, since I live in NYC and all the "spas" and doctors' offices seem to have an air of snootiness that makes me feel insecure.

Well, I guess I felt quite nervous about the needling, but as Jonah commented, Frank does his best to put you at ease.

He's not an esthetician (spelling?), so I washed my face with the hand soap in the bathroom. He numbs your scars with some anesthesia cream, reads through your answers to his questionnaire (ie. "Do you bruise easily?" "What medications are you currently on?", etc), and then he prepares the needling tool (it reminds me a bit of a tiny mini snare drum brush), and gently goes to work, pressing the needles into your skin and asking how the pain is. He was wonderfully thorough!!

He even needled some marks that I hadn't wanted to bother him with, but of course when I got home I noticed a couple of others (he joked about how I'm a perfectionist--which I totally am ;-). So when I go again in about 5 months (he said optimal results are achieved after 5 or 6 months), I will annoyingly point those out and ask him to needle those as well. I wasn't all that red immediately after being needled, but the color bloomed over the 2-hour-long train-ride from their to Grand Central (the train took twice as long as when I'd gone up there, and I nearly drove myself crazy trying to hide under my hat and scarf from the passenger seated across from me. Frank had said, "Who cares what others think?", but I'll be the first to admit that I do! I stayed covered on the subway, and couldn't wait to get home.

Frank said he doesn't advertise, but that it's great if clients write about their experience with him.

Right now I am quite red, but Frank said tomorrow when I have to go out I can apply mineral makeup. I'm not sure that will camofloge (sp?) the redness, but I'd rather be red and have a great result than be able to walk about in public soon after the treatment but not have the optimal results.

So I will post again sometime within the month, to update.

Good luck to everyone.

Oh, by the way, Dr. Orentreich did subcision on one of my scars a week ago, and *so far* I am very happy with it. I just hope it's not looking nice and plumped-up because of post-subcision inflammation. If you have icepick scars (I think that's what they're called), I highly recommend it--and there's no down-time (although it's quite expensive, and he's popping in and out of rooms so much that, when he was returning to the room I was in, before entering, I heard him ask the nurse whom he was seeing!) But at least he was on-time. He suggested filling my rolling scars with permanent liquid silicone, which just made me way too nervous. I hope that Frank's needling puts an end to my seemingly-endless search for how to make my skin nice and scar-less.

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